The CRNA Chase Academy

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the path to CRNA school acceptance?

The CRNA Chase Academy is an online e-learning platform designed to help eliminate the overwhelm, simplify your journey, and maximize your chances of CRNA school acceptance.

Meet The Brains Behind The Brand: Kiki Mattress, MSNA, CRNA

Kiki Mattress is passionate about a lot of things but mostly about helping ICU nurses like yourself become CRNAs.

She’s a coach/consultant in the areas of strategic planning, career advising, and career development.

Kiki is the founder of The CRNA Chase and COO of HealthShield Credentialing.

Kiki's mission is to simplify and streamline the oftentimes complex nurse anesthesia admissions process.

Let's get you accepted!

    Don't let stress and overwhelm hold you back from your dream of becoming a CRNA.

    We believe acceptance should be simple.
    And filled with endless opportunities.

    Let’s make your acceptance a reality.

    Here's Some Resources To Help You Get Started!